Wednesday, October 17, 2018 (Fultonville, NY): The annual Glen Ridge Motorsports Park banquet was held on October 13th, 2018 at Eion’s Hideaway Pavilion in Fultonville, NY. This beautiful, Hayes Family, facility is located at The Ridge which oversees the track. Over a hundred drivers, crews, officials and fans were in attendance to witness the drivers get some serious hardware for their efforts during the 2018 racing season. We would like to thank everyone for coming out and joining us as we honored our champions and award winners.


A very special thank you to Michelle Sefrin, Susan Hazzard & Rebecca Sefrin for their hard work putting together an amazing event with the food and decorations, they were driving force all season long at the Ridge behind the scenes, keeping things clean, smooth and operating at 100%, these ladies were very crucial to our success this season.


Thank you to Jay Severson for the music & sound system, The Carroll family & DeRocher family for the help with food. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the banquet & the 2018 racing season!


Keep your eyes peeled to the website ( and social media outlets for upcoming news and event for the Ridge in 2019!


2018 Glen Ridge Motorsports Park Track Champions

Crate Modified - Dave Constantino

Limited Sportsman - Derrick McGrew Jr.

Pro-Stock - Luke Horning

Street Stock - Steve Cosselman

Dual Cam Mini Stock - P.J. Bleau

Single Cam Mini Stock - C.J. Shepler

All-Star Slingshot - Mike Hill

Jr. Slingshot - Garrett Poland


Newcomer of the Year

Crate Modified - Bill August

Limited Sportsman - Derrick McGrew Jr.

Pro-Stock - Andy Graves

Sr. Slingshot - Joe Smith

Jr. Slingshot - Adrianna DeRocher


2018 Most Memorable Moment

We had plenty of memorable moments in 2018, but none more memorable than

Bobby Varin thawing out Mr. Freeze, Stewart Friesen to win the 66 lap

Aftershock Modified Race in August. Congratulations to Bobby Varin & everyone who made the Aftershock race a huge success!


Excellence in Journalism Award

This year’s Excellence in Journalism award winner has been such a tremendous asset to The Ridge in letting the racing world know our story. With weekly press releases, in depth stories, and getting the word out about the “Aftershock”, this person’s work has not gone unnoticed & it was so appreciated in helping us out, and no matter what we do, it cannot be repaid. This year’s Excellence in Journalism award goes to Laurie Fallis of Race Pro Weekly.


Dedication to The Ridge Award

This year’s dedication to the Ridge award goes to a family all about racing. From slingshots, to wingless sprints, to countless race cars bearing their name. This season they came on board as a sponsor and were a great advocate for the Ridge trying tirelessly to get cars to come give us a try. This year’s Dedication to The Ridge Award goes to the Pinkerous Family & The Northeast Paving & Sealcoating team!


Driver Dedication & Commitment Award

This year’s Driver Dedication & Commitment award winner was someone who only planned on running the Ridge part time, splitting time between The Ridge & Albany Saratoga. After a few weeks of back & forth, we ended up seeing him & his family travel the 2 hours one way every Sunday night and call The Ridge their home for the season. During the season he picked up his first 5 career wins of the season en route to a 2nd place finish in the limited sportsman point standings. This year’s Driver Dedication & Commitment award winner is the driver of the #6r Limited Sportsman, Flyin’ Ryan Heath.


Owner Dedication & Commitment Award

This year’s Owner Dedication & Commitment award winner goes to a family that has not missed a race at The Ridge in both seasons under the current promotional team. Always ones to offer advice & ideas to us, they exuberate what is needed to keep the sport hauling in the right direction. Offering t-shirt giveaways, tickets, sponsoring laps and whatever they can do to help to get people in the stands and make the Ridge strive. This year’s Owner Dedication & Commitment award goes to Bert, Michele Poland, owners of the #40g Jr Slingshot, and soon to be All-Star Slingshot driven by Garrett Poland.


The 1st Annual “OMAR” Award

This award is in memory of Ed “Omar” Richer, who passed away unexpectedly at the speedway in July of 2017. Omar was one of the driving forces of the #318 Limited Sportsman, now Crate Sportsman driven by his son Dave Richer. An award inspired by Susan Hazzard, this award is about family, racing family and good will. The award is presented to a driver who dedicates himself to be the very best and making others around him strive for the same thing. A driver who thinks of his competitors as his racing family, and offers his help whenever others need it to keep going. The winner of this award is undoubtedly one of the nicest people you could ever meet, he gave the Ridge a chance and stuck with it all season long. There are many here today that he has helped throughout the season and in the past. A true gentleman in the racing world, and no more deserving than this year’s winner. The recipient of the 1st ever Omar award is driver of the #13 Street Stock, Mr. Nice Guy Cliff Haslun.


Ultimate Fan Favorite - Derrick McGrew Jr.

Crate Modified Most Popular Driver - Dave Constantino

Limited Sportsman Most Popular Driver - Derrick McGrew Jr.

Pro-Stock Most Popular Driver - Ivan Joslin

Street Stock Most Popular Driver - Cliff Haslun

Mini Stock Most Popular Driver - Josh Samrov

All-Star Slingshot Most Popular Driver - Danny Ballard

Jr Slingshot Most Popular Driver - Garrett Poland


Crate Modified Top 5

1. Dave Constantino  

2. Tim Hartman Jr.       

3. Joe Orlando

4. Jim Introne Jr.         

5. Bill August   


Limited Sportsman Top 5

1. Derrick McGrew Jr. 

2. Ryan Heath 

3. Shane Larman        

4. Greg Perron

5. David Boisclair           


Pro-Stock Top 5

1. Luke Horning           

2. Ivan Joslin   

3. Justin Knight

4. Harley Shepard       

5. Malcum Warner        


Street Stock Top 3

1. Steve Cosselman    

2. Cliff Haslun  

3. Jim Groncki  


Dual Cam Top 3

1. P.J. Bleau    

2. Josh Samrov

3. Cole Lawton


Single Cam Top 3       

1. C.J. Shepler 

2. Zack McSpirit          

3. T.J. Marlitt


Sr. Slingshot Top 5

1. Mike Hill      

2. Danny Ballard         

3. Jim Mudge  

4. Tyler Vadney           

5. Scott Sprague


Jr. Slingshot Top 3

1. Garrett Poland       

2. Sloan Cherko          

3. Connor Hill               

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